Whitefield Cares! Swings into Action

Hi Everyone –

Our Whitefield Cares! volunteers made a real difference in someone’s life on Saturday September 11.  Eight people from Whitefield worked with CHIP, the Community Home Improvement Project, on their Community Cares Day, to refurbish trailer skirting and clean up a collapsed shed on the property of disabled veteran living in Whitefield.  David Wright led the trailer skirting team, supported by Carole Cifrino, Rocky, and Dirt, and Lise Hanners led the clean-up team supported by Steve Patton, and Jim Torbert.  George Fergusson made himself useful for both teams.  CHIP had ordered a giant dumpster which we filled with materials from both projects and Dave Wright ordered the skirting materials using CHIP’s accounts.

It was a beautiful fall day and we got it all done by about 2:30.  Working with CHIP was terrific, they delivered home-made sandwiches, chips, cookies and apples and even brought cut flowers, a potted chrysanthemum, and vegetables for the home owner.  I think everyone felt great to be able to help someone who really needed it!

Another benefit of the work day was that I was able to identify a whole suite of new volunteers eager to help out with projects in Whitefield.  Everyone should keep their ears open for anyone in our community who needs help and we can step up again!  Thanks again to all our volunteers and enjoy the beautiful Fall!


Lise Hanners