Whitefield Cares! Resource List Updated

We’ve released an updated Whitefield Cares! Resource List (dated 12/2/2019) and are now offering the United Way Services Directory as a separate download. We’re posting it here for your convenience. You will also find it (as well as other useful information) on the United Way of Mid Coast Maine website.

Most of the changes to the new Resource List are cosmetic- we’ve formatted it to fit on 2 pages instead of 4 and we’ve also corrected some errors in the original (11-05-2019) version. To make these two documents really easily available, there are now links to the latest versions of them on the top of the right hand side bar on the Whitefield Cares! website. We’ll also be posting them for download on our Facebook page. Paper copies will also be available at the Whitefield Town Office and at other selected locations around town. However, we expect to be updating the resource list frequently so to make sure you’re getting the most current versions of these documents, check this website often!

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