Whitefield Cares! meeting on March 18 cancelled – Are you willing to drive?

Hi All –

Well we’re going with safety first and decided to cancel our meetings for the foreseeable future.  However, we may have an opportunity to contribute individually to help our community in need.  Sheepscot General reached out to ask if Whitefield Cares would be willing to help drive groceries to people who are unable to get out on their own.  They are hoping to work with the Superette to figure out who needs help and we could simply pick up an order and deliver it to an address, without going inside or really having contact with anyone.  If you would be willing to do so, please let us know via the Whitefield Cares contact form or email.  I’m not sure whether we can make this work but we can certainly try!

Meantime our little subcommittee working on the survey has a draft and which is circulating for more input.  We will send that out soon and we can all look forward to collecting survey responses once this virus passes us by!  Stay home and safe everyone.



10 thoughts on “Whitefield Cares! meeting on March 18 cancelled – Are you willing to drive?

      1. Lise Hanners Post author

        Thanks Mike – we’re setting up the system now and I’ll let you know shortly what the plan will be.

    1. Lise Hanners Post author

      Thank you Lynda! I am setting up the process of organizing this and will get back to you shortly!

    2. Lise Hanners Post author

      Also Lynda – would you please give me your cell number so I can contact you when the orders (presumably) start to come from the stores in town?

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