Warm Clothes for Wreath Makers

Hi all – I received the flier below today with a request to post this on our Whitefield Cares site.  Mano en Mano provides immigrants and farmworkers with support they need, ensuring equitable access to medical care, government aid, employment, housing, and other services.   This seems consistent with our “mission” to help others so I am passing this along.  If anyone in the Whitefield/Alna area is interested in donating warm clothes you can drop them off at the Alna Town Office where a volunteer will pick them up and deliver them to the nonprofit Mano en Mano in Millbridge.  Their clothing drive is this Saturday so sooner would be better than later!  Their website is manomaine.org if you want to learn more.

4 thoughts on “Warm Clothes for Wreath Makers

  1. Jim Torbert

    What time on Saturday will the volunteer from Mano a Mano be at the Alna Town Office to receive donations? Can $ donations be made to Mano a Mano?

    1. Lise Hanners Post author

      Hi Jim – I think they just wanted to have people drop the clothes off when Town Office is open and they’ll pick them up probably after Saturday. Not sure.

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