Volunteers to Move the Food Pantry

Hi all –

The Whitefield Pantry is moving from the St. Denis Hall to the Calvary Baptist basement, sometime around mid-November.  The Pantry will be hiring professional movers to move the refrigerated materials but they are concerned about getting help to move the non-perishables and shelving.  If you are willing to help out would you please let me know?  Either respond to this newsletter or send me an email at lisehanners@gmail.com.  I will let the Pantry know how many volunteers we have and then I will be back in touch with you all once I know the date.  Thank you for all you do in Whitefield – the Food Pantry is a critical resource for those in need and they need our help!


Lise Hanners

4 thoughts on “Volunteers to Move the Food Pantry

  1. Jim Torbert

    It depends on when in November. We generally are out in Michigan with our older daughter’s family for an extended Thanksgiving week, so we’ll probably be absent after Nov. 18. Before that, yes.

    1. Lise Hanners Post author

      Great! I will put your email on my list and let you know the details when it gets closer.

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