Volunteers to Help with CHIP?

Happy December Everyone –

I received an email from Brittany Gill, the Project Manager at the Community Housing Improvement Project (CHIP, Inc), looking for volunteers or contractors in our area.  She recently met with a Whitefield man who lives in a small, self-built home that needs a piece of skirting installed under his deck and possibly a creative solution to keep snow from piling in front of his sole entrance/exit.

Also, an elderly couple in Somerville is looking for a trust-worthy handi-person to help with various repairs and yard work.

Are any of you interested in helping out?  Or do you know someone interested?  Thanks for considering this opportunity, just let me know.  I am hopeful that next summer we can build a relationship with CHIP bringing our volunteers to projects they identify in Whitefield.  Once things settle down a bit…..

Look for an email from me in the next day or so regarding a Zoom call I want to hold next week to bring us back together and share what we’ve been up to, helping our neighbors!


Lise Hanners


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2 Responses to Volunteers to Help with CHIP?

  1. Mike McMorrow says:

    Maybe a couple of us could go look at it – 2 (or more) heads better than one. Let me know. Also town office needs people to deliver buckets of sand, I (we) could do that.

  2. Remy Henry says:

    I could help out with the yardwork in somerville.

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