Introducing the Whitefield Cares! SWAT Team

Hi all – I received my first request for help for a Whitefield resident from a health care social worker in Augusta. She was thrilled to hear about Whitefield Cares and plans to let her colleagues in social work know about our project at other facilities in the area. I spoke to the resident and she is OK for now but will likely need support in the near future.

I’m describing this story because 1) it’s exactly what we want to have happen, where someone in need has a place to call for help, and 2) this incident has raised many questions about how we will operate once people realize we are here as a useful resource. In this example, the woman needed someone to dig her car out the snow and help clean off an icy ramp leading to her house. As it turned out, a neighbor had already helped her with these chores, but it made me realize that we need a contact list of people willing to take on particular tasks.

To help build that list we’ve set up a Google Form entitled “Whitefield Cares! SWAT Team Signup Form” and are making it available as a page on this website:

Whitefield Cares! Neighbors On Call Signup Form

You’ll find a link to the form on the right sidebar under Useful Links. Everyone will have different capabilities and degrees of interest in helping others in our community and hopefully, between us, as specific needs arise we can provide the service needed or identify someone or some entity who can help meet those needs. As you fill out this form, I urge you to think of others who may not attend our meetings but has a big heart and a social conscience and who might be willing to help out someone in need in our community and let them know about this Whitefield Cares! initiative! This is our chance to really make a difference in people’s lives. Here are some of the questions on the questionnaire form, we invite you to suggest others:

  1. Can you help with… physical tasks like shoveling snow, sanding sidewalks etc?
  2. Other outdoor projects like moving downed branches after the winter?
  3. Bringing in groceries for someone unable to lift much weight?
  4. Light cleaning in the home for someone disabled?
  5. Driving someone to the grocery store and helping bring in groceries?
  6. Driving someone to health care appointments? We may want to bring in LC FISH to help us manage this one.

At the end of the form is a Comment section. Please let us know how we might improve the questionnaire, other questions we should be asking, and other kinds of help YOU are able to provide that we didn’t think of.

Please Note:

  1. Form responses are NOT publicly accessible; only authorized Whitefield Cares! representatives will have access to the raw form data.
  2. We’re asking for a preferred phone number so we can be assured of reaching you
  3. We’re asking for a mailing address only because we anticipate the possible future need to send out snail mail to our supporters.
  4. We realize we’re asking for some information from you which, if you’re a subscriber to our mailing list, you’ve already provided us. Sorry. Can’t be helped!
  5. We’re not sure SWAT Team is the right term for this initiative, but we liked the concept and we’re going to try it on for size 🙂

Our questionnaire form is a work in progress and will no doubt evolve over time. Please let us know if you have other ideas for the list above.

Thanks in advance for your participation in this important and exciting initiative,

Lise Hanners
Whitefield Cares!

3 thoughts on “Introducing the Whitefield Cares! SWAT Team

  1. Jim Torbert

    I entered the required information in the SWAT team (I hate that title) list, but there was no apparent way to submit it. Help!

    1. George Fergusson

      I just filled out the form Jim and it submitted fine. Also requested (and got) a copy of my answers, and I even went back and edited my answers (the question with check boxes was misconfigured).

      Report Success!

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