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29 January 2021: Whitefield Cares! Resource List Updated

The Whitefield Cares! Resource List has at long last been updated, thanks to the tireless efforts of our fearless leader, Lise Hanners. The current revision date is today, January 29, 2021. MANY things have changed and this update was sorely needed. I was going to help with it but circumstances didn’t cooperate so all I really ended up doing to help was to check, format, and post the update. Somehow we’ve managed to keep it down to two pages. I don’t know how long that will last.

You’ll find a link to the list on the Resource List under the Resources main menu heading and on the sidebar of most pages on this website. An effort is underway to distribute this revised Resource List community-wide, likely with a targeted mailing to Whitefield residents. Stay tuned for more news about this effort!