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19 February 2020: Sheriff’s Office to start RUOK

The following article appeared in the Boothbay Register on Thursday, January 23rd

Sheriff’s Office to start RUOK

Thu, 01/23/2020 – 8:15am

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office will begin a new program called RUOK for people who live alone, or for relatives or friends of a loved one who lives alone, with no one checking on them regularly.

Every day, clients will get a telephone call from the Sheriff’s Office at a pre-arranged time to verify the client is all right, Sheriff Todd Brackett said. If the call isn’t answered, either a first responder or a designated person will go to the home to check up on the client, Brackett said.

There is no cost to participate, he said. Applications are available at libraries, town offices, police departments and the Sheriff’s Office.