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Highlights from the February 12, 2020 Whitefield Cares! meeting

We opened our meeting with an update from Teresa Magnusen, who is organizing our first cooking class at Whitefield Elementary School. The idea is to bring in a few interested community members to help a few middle-school children to learn to cook food available in the school food pantry. Teresa reported that she met with the school nurse and cook to determine who would most benefit from the experience and how to manage it. Teresa hopes to host the cooking class on March 25, on a Wednesday when the children have an early release. If anyone is interested in helping please let us know! Continue reading

Highlights from the January 15, 2020 Whitefield Cares! Meeting

This was actually our December 2019 meeting. Photo by George Fergusson

The regularly scheduled January meeting of Whitefield Cares! Was held on January 15th at 4:00 PM at the Whitefield Elementary School. Previous meetings had started at 6 PM but we thought it was better holding the meeting earlier. We had a new person join us, they heard about Whitefield Cares from the website (it’s working!) and we had an unexpected visit from Representative Chloe Maxmin (she represents Maine House District 88 which includes Chelsea, Whitefield, Jefferson, part of Nobleboro) who was interested to learn more about our work. Continue reading