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29 January 2021: Whitefield Cares! Resource List Updated

The Whitefield Cares! Resource List has at long last been updated, thanks to the tireless efforts of our fearless leader, Lise Hanners. The current revision date is today, January 29, 2021. MANY things have changed and this update was sorely needed. I was going to help with it but circumstances didn’t cooperate so all I really ended up doing to help was to check, format, and post the update. Somehow we’ve managed to keep it down to two pages. I don’t know how long that will last.

You’ll find a link to the list on the Resource List under the Resources main menu heading and on the sidebar of most pages on this website. An effort is underway to distribute this revised Resource List community-wide, likely with a targeted mailing to Whitefield residents. Stay tuned for more news about this effort!

19 February 2020: Sheriff’s Office to start RUOK

The following article appeared in the Boothbay Register on Thursday, January 23rd

Sheriff’s Office to start RUOK

Thu, 01/23/2020 – 8:15am

Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office will begin a new program called RUOK for people who live alone, or for relatives or friends of a loved one who lives alone, with no one checking on them regularly.

Every day, clients will get a telephone call from the Sheriff’s Office at a pre-arranged time to verify the client is all right, Sheriff Todd Brackett said. If the call isn’t answered, either a first responder or a designated person will go to the home to check up on the client, Brackett said.

There is no cost to participate, he said. Applications are available at libraries, town offices, police departments and the Sheriff’s Office.

Whitefield Cares! Resource List Updated

We’ve released an updated Whitefield Cares! Resource List (dated 12/2/2019) and are now offering the United Way Services Directory as a separate download. We’re posting it here for your convenience. You will also find it (as well as other useful information) on the United Way of Mid Coast Maine website.

Most of the changes to the new Resource List are cosmetic- we’ve formatted it to fit on 2 pages instead of 4 and we’ve also corrected some errors in the original (11-05-2019) version. To make these two documents really easily available, there are now links to the latest versions of them on the top of the right hand side bar on the Whitefield Cares! website. We’ll also be posting them for download on our Facebook page. Paper copies will also be available at the Whitefield Town Office and at other selected locations around town. However, we expect to be updating the resource list frequently so to make sure you’re getting the most current versions of these documents, check this website often!

A reminder, signing up for the Whitefield Cares! newsletter is a two-step process. If you’ve signed up but have not seen a “confirm your subscription” email in your inbox, please check your spam folder! You won’t receive any emails until you confirm your subscription. If you’re having problems with this process, feel free to use our Contact Form to reach out to us and we’ll fix you up. We hope to be sending out monthly newsletters starting next month.

Next Meeting of Whitefield Cares!

Baskets for sale at Sheepscot General, one of Whitefield’s great resources.

The next meeting of the Whitefield Cares! group is scheduled for December 4 at 6:00 PM at the Whitefield Elementary School. Everyone is welcome. Our primary focus will be aging in Whitefield and Tony Marple has contacted several groups that will send representatives for our discussion, much like our last meeting.

Something to think about: a suggestion was made that we should hold our meetings during the day to encourage older residents to attend who may not like driving at night. The downside is it would make it difficult for people who are working to attend. What do you think? We can discuss at the next meeting.

You’ll find this and future meetings of Whitefield Cares! on our Events and Activities calendar. It’s a Google calendar which you can add to your own personal calendar! Also, if you’d like to receive email notices of future news posts you can use the handy form on the right sidebar entitled “Subscribe to News Posts via Email.”

Resource List

The first version of the Whitefield Cares! Resource List is now available. Our more local resources are on the first two pages with the United Way comprehensive list on the back page. I am in the process of getting a link set up on the Town web site, a paper copy is available in Town Office, and the town will be making copies for distribution in the food boxes for the Food Bank. We’ll likely make copies every month or so for distribution in the boxes. Because I am no genius when it comes to formatting this list, I’ve had some offers of help to make it shorter so it may quickly change in appearance but that’s fine, I’m sure we’ll be editing the copy regularly. If you are aware of something that’s changed on the list please let me know. Meantime this is available to anyone who wants it! We’ve already achieved one of our primary goals which was to get the list out!

Whitefield Cares & United Way 5 Nov 2019