About Whitefield Cares!

Whitefield Cares! is a new (2019) all-volunteer initiative with the purpose of supporting residents of the Town of Whitefield who need help. Our goal is to share information about resources that are currently available to the broader community and to identify how we can better support members of our community in need of help or assistance. Whitefield Cares! coordinates and cooperates with the Town of Whitefield but is not otherwise formally affiliated with the Town. Be sure to check out and follow our Whitefield Cares! Facebook page.

What is this Resource list and What is on it?

  • The Resource List is a document available in print form and on-line featuring the names of Social Service Providers, a description of their services, where they’re located, and the hours of business, including contact information.
  • The providers listed offer information about and assistance with different community needs including food insecurity, help with household essentials and clothing, pet care, financial assistance, behavioral health services including domestic violence, gender issues, and substance abuse.

And Who is this Resource List for?

The Whitefield Cares! Resource List is for everyone! At the risk of leaving somebody out, we offer these suggestions of who might find the list helpful:

  • Whitefield residents who are finding it difficult to make ends meet;
  • Older residents who wish to age well in Whitefield but feel isolated or detached from the community;
  • Families with child care, schooling, or parenting issues;
  • Any residents who have fallen on hard times and simply need a boost.
  • People experiencing food insecurity

Where can I find the Resource List?

The Whitefield Cares! Resource List is constantly being updated and expanded so to obtain the most current version, download it from this web site! You’ll find a link to it on the right sidebar on almost every page.

You can also obtain printed copies of the Whitefield Cares! Resource List at the Whitefield Town Office. A copy of the list is also included in boxes of food at the Whitefield Food Pantry.

You’ll find other interesting information on our website including relevant news, helpful articles, and a comprehensive list of services available in the State of Maine, compiled by the Maine United Way. Look for a link to the Maine United Way document on the right sidebar.

For more information contact us at: info@whitefieldcares.org or use our handy Contact Form.