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Well you had to see this coming! As much as we initially liked the name "SWAT Team" we quickly arrived at a "what were we thinking?" moment. Such is life. Lise Hanners posted the following news on the website this morning announcing her decision to change the name of this initiative. Here's the complete post:

Whitefield Cares! SWAT Team renamed - Neighbors on Call

Hi all -

This is great example of why it's good to listen to that niggling, tapping on your shoulder saying "Psst - Don't use military acronyms!". And once we looked up what SWAT actually means - Special Weapons and Tactics - that spelled the beginning of the end of that name. So thanks to the feedback from some of our readers, we are renaming our quick response list to "Neighbors on Call", better, definitely.

The intention was good, but it is likely true that the "SWAT Team" was "riding a wave of adrenaline" as one of our readers suggested. Having received our first call for help - and realizing that our "infrastructure" was not yet set up to respond quickly to requests for help, I wanted to move fast and figure out who could help. But like all learning experiences, this was worth slowing down and fixing the mistake. Forward!

Author: Lise Hanners
If you haven't checked out the Neighbors On Call form yet, please do so, and consider filling it out: you're not committing to anything simply by filling out the form.
Thanks for reading. See you soon!

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