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These are exciting times for Whitefield Cares! I wanted to bring to your attention a new post on the website describing an initiative to start building a list of people willing to reach out and help other community members in need. Here's an excerpt of the post:

Introducing the Whitefield Cares! SWAT Team

Hi all – I received my first request for help for a Whitefield resident from a health care social worker in Augusta. She was thrilled to hear about Whitefield Cares and plans to let her colleagues in social work know about our project at other facilities in the area. I spoke to the resident and she is OK for now but will likely need support in the near future.
I'm describing this story because 1) it's exactly what we want to have happen, where someone in need has a place to call for help, and 2) this incident has raised many questions about how we will operate once people realize we are here as a useful resource. In this example, the woman needed someone to dig her car out the snow and help clean off an icy ramp leading to her house. As it turned out, a neighbor had already helped her with these chores, but it made me realize that we need a contact list of people willing to take on particular tasks...

Author: Lise Hanners
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The Whitefield Cares! Team