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Community Cares Day in Whitefield

Good rainy morning everyone –

I write to tell you about a great opportunity for us to take Whitefield Cares! from discussion to action. I’ve mentioned CHIP, Inc. in previous newsletters, the Community Housing Improvement Project, serving central/eastern Maine in Lincoln County. CHIP helps with heating and home repairs and does an annual work day in Whitefield if workers are available to help. Residents of Whitefield call Brittany Gill, the coordinator of the project, when they need help with weatherproofing, construction of handicap ramps, replacement of windows and doors, or electrical or plumbing repairs, all at no cost to the resident.

This year, CHIP’s Community Cares Day is on September 11 in Whitefield. This email will serve as a first notice for us to get an idea of how many people might be available to help out that day. Brittany has received several requests for help in Whitefield so we can decide how many projects we can take on, based on the interest of our volunteers (that means you!). We need both skilled (leaders of a project) and unskilled workers (people who follow directions and get the job done!).

George Fergusson has kindly agreed to be a crew leader for a house that is in rough shape. It would be great if someone would volunteer to go with George to evaluate what volunteers could do and how many are needed. Then the day of the project volunteers will meet with George at the house and get started!

What do you think? Are you available to help? Please let me know if you are available as a crew leader or worker and I will ask you to sign up through CHIP’s website where they will ask you to sign a safety waiver. I put up fliers at Sheepscot General, the Superette, and Town Office, in an attempt to advertise CHIP and get the word out that help is available. If you know someone who needs help, let us know and we may be able to get them on the list for this Fall.

Thanks for following Whitefield Cares! through the pandemic. Let’s get started helping our neighbors!

Lise Hanners