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Warm Response to the Whitefield Cares! Mailing

Hi all –

It’s been a while so I thought I would touch base to let you know about the warm response I’ve heard about from the recent Whitefield Cares! mailing.  If you recall I received a mini-grant from the Lifelong Communities Fund of the Maine Community Foundation just before the pandemic hit, to mail out our Resource List to all addresses in Whitefield in an attempt to reach the people who need help.

I have been touched by the number of responses this mailing received.  If you recall, the letter suggested that anyone needing help should begin by calling Yolanda Violette at Town Office, who could guide anyone through the process of applying for emergency funding.  Yolanda reports that Town Office received several calls from residents who were pleased to see the community reaching out to help each other.  In addition, the Food Bank received a donation of cash and a donation of eggs, which were both very much appreciated.  The Town also received a donation to one of the funds for supporting residents and so far a resident submitted a request for assistance with heating fuel.  And the most recent Lincoln County news has a great article from Mary Dunn who received the mailing and was moved to tears because of the positive support in our community that made her feel happy and hopeful.

I guess I didn’t know what to expect but I am encouraged and heartened to hear the warm response.  Everyone clearly needs a boost after the last year and I think we should feel good that we were not only able to direct people to physical resources they need, but we were able to offer hope and community.  And it is getting close to be time to be thinking about our next steps.  The pandemic is not letting go easily so it will be still be a little while before we want to actively engage in the community.  I am looking ahead to September when the Community Housing Improvement Project plans a work day in Whitefield and hope that we can gather some volunteers and work on some of the projects they identify.  More on that later.

Meanwhile enjoy the Spring!


Lise Hanners