Monthly Archives: May 2020

No news is good news?

Hi all –

I hope this finds you and your families well and managing well enough these days.  I just wanted to touch base so you’d know that Whitefield Cares is still alive and well, just quiet.  We got out of the blocks quickly at the beginning of the pandemic and organized people to drive groceries etc. to those who needed help, but we just haven’t had many requests for help.  We did have two requests, both for food, which we were able to take care of through the Whitefield Food Pantry which has been very busy.  On normal Saturdays the food bank sees about 8-10 families come through and last week there were 26 people who came to pick up food boxes so the demand has definitely increased.

I think what we didn’t anticipate is that the disease would spread slowly through our community which is wonderful but means that our expectation that people would need drivers to bring food to them didn’t happen.  It’s still early days of course so that may change but that’s why those of you who volunteered to drive have not heard from me!  That’s a good problem to have but this just highlights the fact that we are not in good contact with our own community so we likely are just not aware of people who need help.  The good news is Darlene Beaulieu, the Town Administrator, is very aware that we are out here and available to help so she is directing people to call me which is great.  And Chloe Maxmin has mobilized an armada of people to call seniors and others in the District just to touch base and ensure that needs are met (sign up to help on her website!).

I still have everyone’s contact information who volunteered to help and I will call if the need arises.  Hang in there, enjoy the Spring, and stay safe!


Lise Hanners