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Next Meeting of Whitefield Cares!

Baskets for sale at Sheepscot General, one of Whitefield’s great resources.

The next meeting of the Whitefield Cares! group is scheduled for December 4 at 6:00 PM at the Whitefield Elementary School. Everyone is welcome. Our primary focus will be aging in Whitefield and Tony Marple has contacted several groups that will send representatives for our discussion, much like our last meeting.

Something to think about: a suggestion was made that we should hold our meetings during the day to encourage older residents to attend who may not like driving at night. The downside is it would make it difficult for people who are working to attend. What do you think? We can discuss at the next meeting.

You’ll find this and future meetings of Whitefield Cares! on our Events and Activities calendar. It’s a Google calendar which you can add to your own personal calendar! Also, if you’d like to receive email notices of future news posts you can use the handy form on the right sidebar entitled “Subscribe to News Posts via Email.”

Resource List

The first version of the Whitefield Cares! Resource List is now available. Our more local resources are on the first two pages with the United Way comprehensive list on the back page. I am in the process of getting a link set up on the Town web site, a paper copy is available in Town Office, and the town will be making copies for distribution in the food boxes for the Food Bank. We’ll likely make copies every month or so for distribution in the boxes. Because I am no genius when it comes to formatting this list, I’ve had some offers of help to make it shorter so it may quickly change in appearance but that’s fine, I’m sure we’ll be editing the copy regularly. If you are aware of something that’s changed on the list please let me know. Meantime this is available to anyone who wants it! We’ve already achieved one of our primary goals which was to get the list out!

Whitefield Cares & United Way 5 Nov 2019